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The Shakespeare Challenge

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Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that Shakespeare in Action will be holding it’s first ever SHAKESPEARE CHALLENGE on Friday February 24th, 2012. This fundraising...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “Break the ice”

Break the ice – The Taming of the Shrew Parties, online dating, meeting new friends, starting a new job….all of these experiences involve ‘breaking...   Read More


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Did you know that once a show closes, the production and artistic team have a Post Mortem? Shakespeare in Action just had one for...   Read More

Mystery Monday

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It’s that time again for a little mystery. I know you are all very well versed when it comes to good old Shakespeare but...   Read More

Photo Friday!

One week ago today, we had to say goodbye (for now) to general manager Mat Howard, who is off on the adventure of a...   Read More

Library Club Update!

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The fall session of the Shakespeare for Kids Library Club comes to an end this Saturday, December 10th.  Thank-you to all the wonderful instructors...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “Own flesh and blood”

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Have you ever heard someone refer to a relative as their “own flesh and blood”? This is an expression often used today  (usually in...   Read More

Mystery Monday

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This week’s Monday Mystery comes with a modern twist!  The line originally appeared in a Shakespearean comedy.  It made a comeback in a 1999...   Read More