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Shakespeare for Teens Summer Camp- An Afternoon With the Campers

I couldn’t make a post about my morning with the Shakespeare Kids and not include my afternoon with the Shakespeare Teens! I got some...   Read More

Shakespeare for Kids Summer Campers in Action! -Henry IV

Hey everyone! I snuck into our kids’ summer camp today and got to see them rehearsing for their big show tomorrow afternoon! They will...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “Makes your hair stand on end”

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Now I need you all to think of something for me… Think of the scariest thing you have ever seen! Alright, now check to...   Read More

Shakespeare for Kids Summer Camp Photos

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Here are some pictures that we took last week of the Shakespeare for Kids summer camp campers doing a warm up at the beginning...   Read More

What if Shakespeare…were a FLORIST?

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Come in, come in to my flower shop, and I will tell you the secret to the variety you see – I know a...   Read More

Monday Mystery

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Hi Everyone! Here is a very mysterious quotation for you to peruse this today – spoken by a character who has a way with...   Read More

Photo Friday – Henry VI near Westminster Abbey


Photo Friday – Ophelia on the River Cam

EXCITING NEWS! The 2012-2013 Season Has Been Announced!

Hello Shakespeare Lovers! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming shows for the 2012-2013 season! This year, Shakespeare In Action will be presenting a...   Read More

“Good night, good night! De-friending is such sweet sorrow / That I shall block your IMs til it be morrow”

In the process of digging up a modern day Romeo and Juliet blog that a friend shared with me awhile back (it was really...   Read More