Monday Mystery

Without further ado, today’s mystery quote is... If then true lovers have ever been cross'd It stands as an edict in destiny: Then let us teach our trial patience, Because it is a customary cross, As due to love as thoughts, and dreams, and sighs, Wishes and tears, poor fancy's followers.

Featured Intern Friday: Michael

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Hey, Hi, Hello I’m somewhat new to the blogosphere so I’m kinda iffy on the rules and formalities of introductions, but I guess a...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “All the goths”

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Yes, I know, it’s Thursday. Even though I apologized before, I wish to do so now again.  I’m sorry.  There, done, over.  I promise...   Read More

Mystery Monday

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So I know that today happens to be Thursday BUT I (Michael) had a little trouble logging in and getting everything together on Monday...   Read More

The Friday Fact

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Since we were discussing the name Jessica the other day, would you like to learn some more facts about Shakespearean names? Did you know...   Read More

Shakespeare at the Movies: Romeo and Juliet Through the Ages

As one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Romeo and Juliet has been re-imagined many times, and there are several great movie adaptations to choose...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “Love Is Blind”

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Sorry we have gotten off our blog schedule a bit. Here is a fun, nighttime Wordy Wednesday for you! Did you know that “love...   Read More

Theatre 101: Aside

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Do you know what the word “aside” means? How about in the world of theatre? An aside is a remark, comment, or even speech...   Read More

The Friday Fact

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Did you know that there’s a lost Shakespeare play? The play was The History of Cardenio, or Cardenio for short. We know it was...   Read More

Shakespeare at the Movies: She’s the Man

It’s time to talk about one of your blogger’s favourite Shakespeare adaptations: She’s the Man! Yes, that’s right, I love this silly movie, and...   Read More