Greetings from the Honourable Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport

It’s not every day you open your e-mail and receive kind words from a Minister. We wish to thank Mr. Chan for his kind...   Read More

Preview Shakespeare’s Home DVD

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Hi Everyone! Check out the link below to preview a great documentary called Shakespeare’s Home, also known as Stratford Upon Avon. If you’re interested,...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “I marvel thy master”

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I was in a humour the other day – shall I go as far to say in a disposition fitting our dear Prince of...   Read More

Happy Bard-day Shakespeare!

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Well Will (if I may be so informal), we celebrated your 448th in style with a Midsummer Night’s Dream Residency show at The Mabin School and 7...   Read More

Mystery Monday!

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Well, what a surprise to wake up to this cold, dreary weather. But, when life gives you rain, you make rainade! It’s like lemonade,...   Read More

Photo Friday

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Hooray for Friday! We are well into our run of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth and it has gone well (mostly) so far! Here...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “The game is up”

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So the game is up, my secret has been exposed! That’s alright, everyone already knows about my weakness for boy bands! Such catchy tunes!...   Read More

A Belated Photo Friday

I just wanted to share a photo with you that we took last Friday. It was one of the final rehearsals for our Double...   Read More

Monday Mystery

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Greetings, everyone! It is a very exciting week for us at Shakespeare In Action, seeing as our productions of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “A dish fit for the gods”

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After a weekend of feasting, it seems appropriate to explore one of Shakespeare’s more delicious offerings. “A dish fit for the gods” may sound...   Read More