Photo Friday

The Diary of Anne Frank is up and running and into previews!** (See below for definition of a “preview”) Yesterday, we had a very...   Read More

Featured Intern: Jaclyn

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I was bit by the “acting bug” back in grade 5 when I auditioned for the lead role in our class play and got...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “In a pickle”

And in the blink of an eye another Wordy Wednesday is upon us! Searching for the next phrase coined by Shakespeare, I find myself...   Read More

Sneak Preview -Photos of The Diary of Anne Frank

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Opening night is fast approaching! We’re in previews this week and then the show officially premieres on March 1. The Diary of Anne Frank...   Read More

Monday Mystery at Night

Happy Family Day Everyone! Nothing like sitting down on a holiday such as this with the Complete Works of Shakespeare on my left, and...   Read More

Photo Friday!

Shakespeare in Action has been extremely busy the past few days getting the set finished for The Diary of Anne Frank. Here’s a sneak peak...   Read More

Wordy Wednesday – “Knock, knock, knock!”

We all love a great knock knock joke. But do you know where the phrase “knock knock, who’s there” originated from? It was actually...   Read More

Featured Intern: Patricia!

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Patricia My love for theatre began in grade 9, when I took my very first drama class. I took drama all throughout high school...   Read More

Monday Mystery

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s time for Monday Mystery! Here is a special quote for Valentine’s Day. See, how she leans her cheek upon...   Read More

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift – Just Ask the National Post!

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The National Post lists Shakespeare in Action’s Sonnets by Kids as one of their ultimate last minute gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day!   Read More