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Summer Camp – Meet Gabriella, Assistant Director, Kids’ Camp!

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     This is Gabriella Sundar Singh’s first year working with Shakespeare in Action, and she is thrilled! Gabriella’s passion for performance has been...   Read More

What if Shakespeare…were a MUSICIAN?

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Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments /Will hum about mine ears. [1] I heard a bird so sing,/ Whose music, to my thinking, pleas’d the...   Read More

Monday Mystery!

Guess if this is from a man or a woman’s monologues in Henry VI? “Glory is like a circle in the water, Which never...   Read More

Featured Intern – Vineeta Moraes

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Hello everyone! My name is Vineeta (I also go by Vee), and I’m one of the production and admin interns for Shakespeare In Action....   Read More

Featured Intern – Linda Nicoll

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  Hi everyone! My name is Linda Nicoll and I’m from Dublin, Ireland.  I moved over to Toronto in June on a one year...   Read More

Featured Intern! Ingrid Pleitez

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Hello Lovely Readers, I thought i would start this post by quoting a cheesy movie i often quote its from oh but of course...   Read More

Featured Intern: Zhan Zhang

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My name is Zhan Zhang, an Arts Management student from U of T Scarborough Campus. I love all kinds of arts, and I like...   Read More

Featured Intern – David Windrim

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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! My name is David Windrim, and I am a recent addition to the Shakespeare In Action family. Like any situation where...   Read More

A Fun Photo Friday!

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Introducing: the office antics of Shakespeare in Action! With the school year almost done, we thought we’d share a few of the most memorable moments...   Read More

Alison “Other New Intern” Dowling

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Hello everyone! I’m new (sort of) to Shakespeare in Action and excited to get on board with the Admin & Production Interns!! I was...   Read More