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Macey “New Intern” Cohen

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Hola! I am one of the new recruits at Shakespeare in Action. I’m unsure of what to expect, but I am certainly excited. I...   Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day from Shakespeare in Action

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Remember, there is more to this day than cards and chocolate. Take the time to show someone in...   Read More

Featured Intern: Martha Harbell

Hi everyone! My name is Martha Harbell and I am one of the new production and administration interns at Shakespeare in Action. I was born...   Read More

Featured Intern: Alex Benarzi

“This castle hath a pleasant seat…” This line, spoken by Duncan in Macbeth, may not seem like much. It is no “to be or...   Read More

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Good morning everyone! I checked the intern e-mail this morning, and we have received an update from our Creative Director, Michael Kelly! He is...   Read More

Featured Intern: Emma

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Hi! My name is Emma and I joined the intern team here at Shakespeare in Action but three weeks ago! It’s a bit like...   Read More

Featured Intern: Maggie

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Hey everyone! My name is Maggie, and I’m a production and administration intern at Shakespeare in Action.  I’m a  theatre studies grad, and a...   Read More

Jennifer Ierullo

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello! I thought I would introduce myself with a quote from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton...   Read More

Raffaele Michael

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Good Morrow Shakespeare enthusiasts! My name is Raf, short for Raffaele and I am one of 5 new administrative and production interns here at...   Read More

Featured Intern: Chelsea

Greetings all, My name is Chelsea, and even though it wasn’t my original intention I’ve somehow been consumed by the wonderful world of theatre....   Read More