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Featured Intern Friday: Michael

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Hey, Hi, Hello I’m somewhat new to the blogosphere so I’m kinda iffy on the rules and formalities of introductions, but I guess a...   Read More

Photo Friday

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How many interns does it take to start a computer? This might sound like the beginning of a promising joke, but it is a...   Read More

Featured Intern: Heather

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I just moved to Toronto from Ireland two months ago, and I love almost everything about this city! (The cold being an exeption, of course!)...   Read More

Featured Intern: Jaclyn

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I was bit by the “acting bug” back in grade 5 when I auditioned for the lead role in our class play and got...   Read More

Featured Intern: Patricia!

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Patricia My love for theatre began in grade 9, when I took my very first drama class. I took drama all throughout high school...   Read More

Featured Intern: Elisa LoCurto!

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I’ve been dancing since I was four studying ballet, modern and jazz in dance studios around the city. When I was eleven, I went...   Read More

Karin, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

Today is a sad day for Shakespeare in Action. Our fearless Creative Environment Intern has left us for the wilds of Montreal. Montreal –...   Read More

Featured Intern: Kathleen Keenan!

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Hello there! I was born and raised here in Toronto and studied music at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. After high school I...   Read More

Featured Intern: Karin Saari!

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I grew up on a farm on Vancouver Island where I rode horses and went to a Waldorf school.  After I graduated from high...   Read More

See you in the New Year!

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The office is closing down until the New Year! One of the fringe benefits of having our office in a school is that we...   Read More