Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop

April 18, 2016 to May 6, 2016

Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop is a vibrant, interactive presentation that demonstrates how modern hip-hop shares many similarities with the themes, language and rhythm used by Shakespeare. Both are full of poetry, word play and lyricism and both deal with what it is to be human.

The presentation features three professional actors, thumb-nail sketches of Shakespeare’s life and times, and key scenes & speeches from Shakespeare’s most popularly studied plays – including MacbethRomeo & Juliet and Hamlet.

Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop brings alive the parallels between the world of the plays and their own contemporary experience. It’s the perfect complement to your in-class teaching of a specific play, in the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

This semester, help your students break through the Elizabethan language barrier with

Recommended for grades 6 – 12.
Dates: November 23- December 4, 2015 and April 18- May 6, 2016
Duration: 75 minutes.
Price: $675 + HST (BOOK 2 SHOWS AND SAVE!)
Location: Your classroom, school theatre or gymnasium.
Maximum 250 students per session.

Add a Hip-Hop Shakespeare workshop with professional actors for the most affordable, fun and effective theatre experience in your classroom! Workshops start at $175 per group of 30 students.

Hip-Hop Shakespeare workshops aim to help young people to incorporate song, dance, writing and literature into their lives.

The workshops illuminate both hip-hop music and Shakespeare’s works as a form of cultural expression and how they are often misrepresented. Hip Hop is often viewed as not intellectual in an academic or poetic sense and Shakespeare is often viewed as culturally “high brow” for which many young people makes his work seem irrelevant.


  • 75-minute exploration of any Shakespeare play.
  • An opportunity to work with an experienced actor-educator who visits your school.
  • Students unlock their creative and artistic abilities
  • Explore the rhythms inherent in Shakespeare and hip-hop to discover the parallels of the two art forms.
  • Students write and perform their own poetic lyrical reinterpretations based on themes and ideas from key scenes in Shakespeare’s works
  • For Grades 6- 12, up to 30 students per workshop.
  • Available September – July.
  • We require 2 weeks’ notice to fill workshop orders.


Shakespeare Rap Workshops- Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop

This 75 minute high energy workshop focuses on the play being studied in class. Students work with one of our master teachers to analysis and break down Shakespeare’s language drawn from a speech or scene. Students then unlock their creative and artistic abilities by writing and performing their own poetic lyrical rap reinterpretation based on the themes and ideas drawn from Shakespeare’s works.

Lady Macbeth vs. Lorde- Royals

“Once again, thank you for the wonderful workshop! It was very informative, entertaining and accessible to our students.”
-Helen Tsampiras
ACL of English/ESL/Literacy

“Thank you for the entertaining and informative workshop today. Your actors skillfully married the art of hip hop with Shakespeare in a very dynamic and engaging manner. Students came away from the workshop feeling invigorated and excited about Shakespeare and his plays.”
-Sandra Brum
English Teacher

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