Featured Intern: Alex Benarzi

“This castle hath a pleasant seat…” This line, spoken by Duncan in Macbeth, may not seem like much. It is no “to be or not to be” or “all the world’s a stage” but it has a special significance for me. It was back in elementary school where a shorter, younger me stood on a small stage in front of a small crowd, in a paper crown painted gold: my first Shakespeare play and I was Duncan. It was a reduced version of the play, and thus I only had three lines before I was ushered off stage and met my bloody end – but it was enough. The following year I discovered Hamlet and my love of Shakespeare increased all the more.

It was not only my love of Shakespeare that was spurred on by this experience, but my appreciation for English as a subject and a passion for the theatre. So is it no wonder that ten years later I find myself a certified English teacher who still tries to lap up theatre wherever it can be found. Hence my enthusiasm of being an Intern here at Shakespeare in Action.

What else can I say? My life is consumed by books, writing, acting, and music (both listening to and playing). I am passionate about the arts, both its function in a community and its importance in schools. I am passionate about teaching; helping students connect with the material in ways that make sense and are applicable.

And I am fond of the absurd or inane. I’m sure I will find a good photo at some point to illustrate this.

There is more I can say, but in the altered words of the Bard: “what here shall miss [your comments] shall strive to mend.” So if you desire to know anything about me, whoso’ere you may be, either now or as I enter my inanity into the threads of this blog, simply leave a comment below and I shall answer as I can.

And so,  for now, adieu, lords and ladies all.

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  2. Jenny

    From a fellow intern, I’d just like to say WELCOME! Hope to see you soon!