National Shakespeare Youth Festival Guidelines: Dance and Movement

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How to… Create a Dance and Movement Piece.

  • Number of participants: 2 to 10
  • Time Limit: up to 5 minutes
  • Perform a dance piece or movement sequence interpreting one of Shakespeare’s scenes, themes, characters or monologues.  The Movement and Dance category is designed for interpretations of Shakespeare’s work expressed through dance or physical movement. Text is permitted and any music is permissible. We must acknowledge the original artist of music as part of our program. Ensure that you provide us with the relevant information on the registration form.
  • Minimal sets, props and costumes are allowed (One person must be able to carry them on and off).

For more information and tips, click below!


Text (Line/Monologue)

Select a line or a short monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays.  You can use the text as your inspiration for movement or you can incorporate it into the piece.  Consider mixing movement with speech instead of music or having the dancers speak as they dance.


Select a major theme from one of Shakespeare’s plays.  Use this as a jumping off point to create a movement sequence with that theme as the central focus.  The theme can be used to create a mood, atmosphere or an action series in the piece.


Do you relate well to a Shakespearean character?  Use one to inspire your creation of a movement series.  Let their personality influence your movement and use their story for choreographic inspiration.


Recreate one of Shakespeare’s scenes!  Start by outlining the main plot points in the scene and creating movement phrases to recreate them.  You can choose to choreograph the separate plot points all together or separate into smaller groups.  Link them together with transitions; movements that connect each separate plot point into one full piece.

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