Artists and Educators

Shakespeare in Action is a non-profit, professional theatre company that operates under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. Our productions are performed by experienced, professionally trained actors with a wealth of experience performing Shakespeare and classical theatre for young audiences.

By exposing your students to masterful, quality performances of Shakespeare, we think we can awaken a passion for arts & literature that will last a lifetime.

For more information on our professional ensemble, please email us, or call (416) 703-4881.

Shakespeare in Action works with a diverse group of highly skilled actors and educators to deliver all of our programming.

Past Actor-Educators

Jerome Jarvis 

Tony Ofori

Natasha Ramondino

Chelsea Russell

Gabriella Sundar Singh

Sherman Tsang

Chiamaka Ugwu

Amanda Cordner

Shelley Scoger

Miquelon Rodriguez

Adam Seybold

Jules Lefebvre
Kaleb Alexander
Kate Fenton
Kerry Anne Doherty
Laurel Paetz
Lauren Brotman
Lisa Li
Maggie Rodger
Alex Benarzi
Mark Wiebe
Meredith Zwicker
Michael Dufays
Miriam Fernandes
Anna Hardwick
Nicole Robert

Christopher Allen

Celia Aloma

Mladen Obradovic

Shakura Dickson

Aris Athanasopoulos

Severn Thompson

Sarah Dodd

Dylan Evans

Jamie Robinson

Natalie Semotiuk

Glen Gaston

Alison Deon

Norah Smith

Peter Smith
Raffaele Ciampaglia
Cara Gee
Sarah Brose
Sascha Cole
Sasha Singer-Wilson
Chelsea Ranger
Chris Karczmar
Cindy Block
David Shelley
Eze Angius
Simon Fon
Thomas Morgan Jones
Timothy Askew

Jack Grinhaus
Xuan Fraser

Andrew Owen Ritchie