Mainstage Applause:

Romeo and Juliet, 2011. Photo by Joel Charlebois

We had a great time at the show! My students were very impressed with the professional quality of the show, and especially the set design, which they thought made terrific use of the space and really helped them to visualize the restrictions of living in that situation.
– David Martino

This is such a powerful and emotional story and we appreciated the depth of the actors, the light humour that was added, and the manner in which the story was told. A great day for us. The package you sent was also extremely useful for me as a teacher.
– Julie Richichi-Fried

I’m so glad that our students have access to such high quality theatre right here in our own school. It’s a great advantage for our kids to see theatre as something that’s a day-to-day part of life, right here, rather than something that other people go somewhere else to do.
Thanks again for the great opportunity, and congratulations on a great show. 

– Sheila Mooney

Thank YOU for an awesome performance!  Our kids enjoyed it very much, whether they were among the classes that have already studied the play, or are about to study it.
They were impressed by the quality of acting and delivery of such difficult lines.  They liked the “feisty” version of Juliet, and the rude Romeo.  The nurse was an absolute delight.  One student pointed out that it was the first time she had seen Paris included in the final scene, appreciated that clash between death and romance.

– Dyvie Aquino

Praise for Shakespeare Alive:

Today was fantastic! The students were engaged and the actors were great! They kept the students laughing and really gave a great background to Shakespeare’s life and plays.
– Kathryn Grant, Teacher

[It went] Very well. Students were interested. Actors were dynamic. All good. Thank you for all your support.
– Judith Otis, Teacher

I was so impressed with the actors who came in and ran the workshop. They were exceptional and the kids loved it. I’m extremely happy with the way things went. It was an excellent experience for us.
-Jarrett Flindall, Middle School Teacher

I want to thank your organization for bringing an exciting, hilarious and gripping presentation to John Fraser Secondary School. Our students were energized and engaged throughout, and some even got to improv onstage in front of their drama teacher. We had a range from just-arrived ESL to near graduates take in the performance, and all the feedback I’ve heard from kids and teachers so far has been positive. Each kid came away with different favourite moments. They say they were impressed and enjoyed learning why we still care about Shakespeare.
Thanks for accommodating our needs, and thanks for a great show.

-Stephen Morra, High School Teacher

Kudos for Camp:

“This camp was excellent.” Otis Taylor – age 8
“I liked all the exercises and games & props we used.” Max Cotter – Age 10
“I think its great fun, I’m more confident with everything” Jessie Marshall-Sheppard – age 8
“This camp was cool, it was the best.” Alex Maleiner – age 7
“It was a wonderful camp and a great experience in Shakespeare.” Nina Winwood – Age 11
“This camp was sweet I really enjoyed it. The costumes ruled.” Matthew Benedict – Age 10
“We love Shakespeare. Thanks for the camp. It was fun. And that is the end.” Nigel & Marielle Pynn-Coztes – Age 10 & 7

Workshop Wows:

“Thank you for a really positive experience.” (Teacher, The Mabin School)
“My favourite part was experiencing the feeling of projecting a different personality.” (Grade 6 Student)
“The best part for me was gaining acting experience through kinesthetic and energetic ways.” (Grade 6 Student)
“The best part about working on the play was that we all worked together.” (Grade 6 Student)