The Diary of Anne Frank News Round Up- Part 2

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Here are some of the most recent reviews of our remount production of The Diary of Anne Frank! Check them out and let us know what you thought of the show!

Photo By: Joel Charlebois

Prepare to have your heart pretty much explode with emotion when you see Shakespeare in Action’s stage rendition of the famous WW2 diary.

March 16- She Does The City

Her diary is her legacy – a beautifully tragic account of this horrendous time relived on stage done artistically, tastefully, a gem.

March 17- Mooney On Theatre

As Anne, Sascha Cole was 13 at the beginning of the play and was flighty, energetic, careening around the apartment and always in everybody’s way. But she matured and it was interesting to watch Cole just take those moments and make them a whole person, maturing, growing up.

March 17- Lynn Slotkin and the Slotkin Letter

Michael Kelly’s [rendition] of The Diary of Anne Frank will twist your stomach into knots and take away your ability to breathe. Together, the cast, director and designer succeed in creating the world of Anne Frank’s annex- one that’s rich and complicated and, most horrifyingly, full of very real people.

March 19- My Entertainment World

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