Wordy Wednesday “Eaten out of house and home”

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For this week’s Wordy Wednesday, I’ve looked to my two brothers for inspiration.  Any time they pay someone a visit for dinner, they clean them out!  Maybe it’s a complex that they developed from living together for so long.  Some sort of basic human instinct telling them to eat everything in sight in order to survive.

If they’d been invited to Billy Shakespeare’s house in the late 1500 hundreds, he would have said that they hath eaten me out of house and home.  This little gem comes to us from Henry IV and it means to literally eat so much that you leave your host with little left over.

This phrase is still commonly used today to describe one’s dog, or a visiting hockey team or one’s very own brothers!  This is an easy way to use Shakespeare’s language as the meaning of the phrase is very easily deduced.  I’m sure every one of you could find a time to use this little pearl of wisdom this week and see how easy it is to use Shakespearean English every day!

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