Artists Supporting Community Initiative (ASCI)

Update, October 2021

The ASCI program has officially come to an end. For over a year, SIA has grown in our understanding of what it means to serve others, outside of a sector that we know so well. Building cross-sectoral partnerships between the arts and social services has allowed us to re-imagine our place as an arts organization within the York-South Weston community. We’ve come to learn that we must transcend our role within the community beyond the arts, showing up consistently with aspects of ourselves that we uniquely bring to the table because of our artistry, which has been heralded by our community partners. ASCI artists and SIA staff have shown up for the community by prioritizing safe in-person relationships that were built on incredible enthusiasm, resourcefulness, creative thinking, and overall refreshing energies. These were cornerstone aspects throughout the ASCI program that worked towards increasing mental wellness and decreasing social isolation.
Though the ASCI program has come to an end, we will continue to deepen our relationships with the many folx in our community that we have come to know and call friends. 
This past year could not have happened without the support of our community partners and without the financial support offered through the Toronto Foundation, Community Foundation of Canada and TD Canada Trust.
For now, we invite seniors within the York-South Weston community and surrounding areas to join us for SIA’s Senior Storyteller Circle.
Please see the information below for more details:
SIA Seniors StoryCircle
ASCI Procedures and Protocols

To protect all participants of the ASCI and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, SIA is following health guidelines as set by the City of Toronto.

Have any questions about the ASCI?

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The Artists Supporting Community Initiative (ASCI) is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Toronto Foundation, as well as TD Canada Trust and the Hodgson Family Foundation.

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