Improv for Teens:
with Toronto Improv Legend Phatt Al

Tuesdays Feb 2nd-March 9th
EST on Zoom

Say Yes to this Improv FUNdementals course taught by Second City Veteran PHATT al. Learn the basics of improvisation with other teens through games and excercises in a relaxed online environment. No experience necessary! This course is suitable for improvisers of all levels and participants can choose to drop-in or sign up for the full term. Learn improv techniques, have fun, apply your abilities, try new games each week and most importantly – laugh!

Meet actor-educator

PHATT al is a Dora and Juno nominated actor, MC, director, song & sketch writer. He’s a Second City Mainstage alumnus. He was the band leading rapper of the NuFunk band ‘God Made ME Funky’. He (and/ or his voice) have appeared in various commercials, TV shows, and movies internationally. You may know him as the Juicy Fruit Man, or the voice of Wendy’s Canada, and Eggo Waffles. Al is also the creator of the only longform improv hip-hop class ‘Yes Yes Y’all’ in Canada and teaches levels A-E and Conservatory at Second City Toronto. Currently PHATT al is a member of The Untitled Black Sketch Project troupe and the band leader for the upcoming United Funkny Onez (UFOz) musical project.