Our Supporters

Shakespeare in Action is a not-for-profit charity, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We rely on the support of private foundations, public funding bodies, and the generosity of corporate sponsors.

We thank the following organizations for their generous support,
and acknowledge their vital contribution to our community.
Title Sponsors
Public Funders
Private Foundations
John and Myrna Daniels Foundation
JP Bickell Foundation
Pilkington-Henniger Charitable Foundation
St. Andrews Society
Founders Circle ($1000+)
Bruce and Patti Fleury
Dave and Rita Fleury
Howard Goldby

Ben Gunn
Michael Kelly
Geeta Rajpal
Squibb's Stationers
King's Company ($500-$999)
Ines Buchli
Countrymen ($200-$499)
Beth Brien
Matthew Howard
Janet Hurley
John Kelly
Susan Pointe
Becky Reuber
Ross Stuart
Pillar To Post Home Inspectors -
The Martiniuk Team
Romans ($100-$199)
Robert Bentley
Christina Buchli
Jacintha Doner
Anne Frost
Alia Hussey
Michael Kooiman
Maureen Lennon
Alison Loat
Robert Moses
Friends ($25-$99)
Christine Fischer Guy
Elizabeth Ritter
Barbara Rwuber
John Sakamoto
Sandra Seaborn