Performing Arts Network

Connecting Students to the Performing Arts at
Artscape Weston Common

Launched in 2019, the Performing Arts Network (PAN) is an arts education exchange program intended to connect students and teachers to the new arts and culture centre in Northwest Toronto.

Shakespeare in Action is not currently accepting bookings for PAN workshops. Please check back in the coming weeks to learn about our current offerings.

PAN 2022

Led by a professional actor educator focusing on Shakespeare’s most famous play about forbidden love. Schools that sign up to this program will benefit from three 75 minute classroom workshops for each participating class, led by a professional actor-educator focusing on one Shakespeare play.

First piloted in 2019, and further refined in 2021, participating teachers have indicated that these interactive workshops made a measurable impact on presentation skills, literacy, self-expression and teamwork in their classroom. This year’s PAN is based on our production of Romeo and Juliet. And Action.

This program is suitable for students in grades 4 – 12, and is FREE of charge.

Connecting Students to the Performing Arts at Artscape Weston Common

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Core Values

What people say

It was amazing to watch students that are only 11 years old read and present Macbeth. Also, the experience at the theatre was great. I think some kids were expecting it to be boring when they heard we were going to a theatre. Thank you for proving them wrong!
Terri-Anne Perfetti
Elementary school teacher
The workshops were culturally-relevant, curriculum related [...] Many of their peers were begging to be part of their "actor workshops." Overall it was a rich experiential learning opportunity.
Susan Nigro-Perrotta
Grade 9 High School Teacher