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Nuit Blanche 2023

September 23, 7pm to September 24, 7am

Artscape Weston Common
34 John St, Unit B
Toronto, ON M9N 1J3


Add Your Voice

You can add your own story to Undocumented.Stories by submitting a recording here. Your story may be submitted completely anonymously.

By submitting a recording to Shakespeare in Action, you give Shakespeare in Action, and our partner organization, Access Alliance, permission to use this recording in its entirety in any and all media, for commercial, informational, educational, or promotional materials.

“Undocumented.Stories” features over 100 handwritten accounts collected by Access Alliance from residents living with precarious status who access Non-Insured Walk-In Clinics in the North West area of Toronto. The stories speak of incredible struggle and loss, fear and exploitation, humiliation and intimidation. The exhibit is completely free to the public and will be hosted within Artscape Weston Common.

What is our collective responsibility to protect the right to access basic services, health care, education, social support, decent work, and proper work conditions, without discrimination? How do we support and advocate for those living without permanent status who have sought refuge, new beginnings, and new hope in this city?

Through written accounts and video and audio recordings, the exhibit voices a collective and undeniably human desire to live in a society where anyone, regardless of their immigrant status, can fully contribute to the communities in which they live.