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Volunteer with us!

Love arts, culture and northwest Toronto?

Volunteers are valued members of the Shakespeare in Action team and we are always happy to include anyone who wishes to contribute to making theatre in northwest Toronto fun, relevant and accessible! Whether you want to become more involved in the community, get to know the budding arts scene in general, collect co-op hours for your school, or just enjoy interacting with fellow theatre lovers, we would love to engage with you. We promise a fun environment, an enjoyable show, and a volunteer experience like no other.

We also welcome volunteers with office skills or those looking to learn a little more about what makes Shakespeare in Action tick!

Have specific skills not listed here? We’d love to hear how else you might like to help ensure that our season and operations are smooth.

For these and other volunteer opportunities please click here to fill out our volunteer registration form or email us with a little bit about yourself, including why you’d like to volunteer for Shakespeare in Action and indicate in the subject of your email “Volunteer!” at info@shakespeareinaction.org

Other Volunteer

If you are a high-school student, we can work with your school to help you claim community volunteer hours. We are committed to helping University students and graduates to gain valuable experience in theatre and education. We also love working with seniors or adults from the general public who may have some extra time on their hands!

Your contribution will be greatly valued, and will enable us to continue our good work with young people across Ontario!

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact us!
Phone: (416) 703-4881
Email: info@shakespeareinaction.org

check back for more opportunities!