Tuesdays to Sundays
August 16th – 28th, 2022

Shakespeare in Action is so excited to continue programming fun, family-friendly, and free outdoor artistic programming this summer in and around the Weston community!

This year we’re thrilled to invite you to the Weston Folktale Festival: two simultaneous events that explore stories passed along through our families and ancestry.   Come by the Humber River in the daytime to walk through an exhibit created by local youth, grab a bite on Weston road, and stay for a free outdoor performance under the stars!


Raymore Park (93 Raymore Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9P 2S4)
12:00 – 4:00PM

In partnership with Scarlettwoods Warriors for Change and Arts and Creative Skills Collective, we are excited to work with local youth in creating a photography and poetry exhibition in Etobicoke’s Raymore Park around the theme of cultural folktales and important family stories. 


  • Breanna Lewis
  • Tysome Hernandez-Montague
  • Jason Agyei
  • Carmelle Manu
  • Nyla and Nadia Vanhanegin

Under the guidance of Arts and Creative Skills Collective Director Aroop Rayu. 


Little Avenue Memorial Park (22 Little Avenue, York ON M9N1K6)

Written by M.J. Kang
Directed by Brenda Kamino

Helen is an energetic and impatient four-year old whose family moved to the Mount Dennis community from South Korea.  She wants to play with her Harabogee (grandfather), but Harabogee would rather tell Helen Korean stories he grew up learning.  “Harabogee and Me” is a fun, family-friendly, and imaginative story that follows Harabogee recounting Korean folktales to his grand-daughter.  Over one hour, four actors embody tigers, deer, frogs and seeds as Harabogee seeks to instill in Helen a deeper appreciation and understanding of where she comes from.

Bring your own blanket / chair and join us for another year of theatre under the stars in Weston!

Creative Team

Playwright M.J. Kang
Director Brenda Kamino
Designer Lucy Wong
Production Manager Hunter Kennedy-Rullo

More to come.