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Our team of professional and experienced actor-educators bring our innovative approach to teaching Shakespeare and dramatic arts programming direct to your classroom through our workshops!

Activities are tailored to meet your needs, and are participatory and high-energy. We can build our workshops around any Shakespeare play or dramatic arts programming and cater to any grade. Workshops are available onsite in your classroom!

Shakespeare in Action is not currently accepting new bookings for school workshops. Please check back in the coming weeks to learn about our current offerings.

Our Workshops

For many communities and classrooms unfamiliar with Shakespeare, including ESL students, studying Shakespeare can be a daunting task. In this hands-on workshop our actor-educators focus on building the confidence to speak aloud; connecting students to the rhythm, images, and thematic ideas found in Shakespeare’s works. These workshops are fun, participatory, and give student the self-reliance to overcome challenges associated with studying Shakespeare’s language.

Through a series of lively acting, voice, and text exercises, this workshop introduces students to the professional actor’s approach to
Shakespeare’s text. Using the clues inherent in Shakespeare’s writing helping them transform the work from page to stage. Designed for English classes and for students with some familiarity with Shakespeare.


This hands-on workshop decodes Shakespeare’s text by removing the language barrier often associated with his works. By making action the primary means to understanding the text we make Shakespeare accessible and relevant. Through interactive language exercises and storytelling activities, our professional actor-educators lead students to analyze and discover the meaning of the language. Designed for Drama classes and those with an affinity for theatre and Shakespeare.


Professional actor educators work with a Shakespeare play of your choice, inviting your class to examine the rhythm and poetry in key speeches and their connection to contemporary music, including rap. Students are encouraged to write their own lyrical interpretations of a Shakespeare verse through the lens of Contemporary Music. This can be focused towards Hip-hop, Pop, Jazz, Country or any other genre that your students are interested in.

This 60-minute interactive performance workshop offers hands-on educational opportunities for classes of up to 30 students to experience the whole play.  Our Actor-Educators lead your students through performing short scripted scenes as the story of the play unfolds for their peers.  This unique workshop introduces students to the characters, language, and sequential action of the play and offers a fun introduction to dramatic elements, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. 

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Always high energy and interactive, we work with you to create a workshop or residency that fits into your curriculum goals. Based around your available time and resources, we create the perfect program for your class.

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What people say

The workshops went really well! The kids were engaged and the workshop leaders were great! They got the kids into it and there was enough planned to keep the program moving forward, never a boring moment!

Elementary school teacher
All three of our classes were so pleased by the workshops. The instructor was fantastic; she managed to fully engage all of our students! Wonderful job. We will certainly look into booking a workshop again next semester. Thanks so much.
High School Teacher