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May 7

Week Four of #YSWTV and Zita Nyarady (a resident circus artist at the Weston Common, new mother, and actor-educator with SIA) shares this creative and thoughtful short documentary / meditation on playgrounds in our community.

Apr 30

In Week Three of our #YSWTV, actor Suzanne Roberts Smith (who played Titania/Theseus in our summer production of MIDSUMMER) gives a personal shout-out to each of the students she taught in our Saturday Drama Classes in the Fall and Winter.

BONUS: she opens and closes the video with a song created by one of the students in Theatre Creators class (ages 11 – 14)!

April 23

It’s a little longer than 3 minutes, but super compelling.  Thanks to Weston community member Alexis Wilson for sharing a conversation with her grandmother about quarantining past and present.

April 16 2020

In this story below, Artistic Director of Shakespeare in Action David di Giovanni remembers a small moment of kindness from the folks at “God Bless Canada” in July of last year. 

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